While conventional gene synthesis providers treat each sequence as a separate synthesis task, subject to restrictive length limitations of oligo synthesis, Neochromosome takes a holistic approach implementing part recycling to minimize costs and expedite synthesis of exact sequences without the excessive length restrictions of standard approaches. For instance, researchers can synthesize discrete antibody variable or enzyme gene sequences, granting them enhanced control over experimental design and increasing the likelihood of pinpointing optimal variants.

With our highly automated approach, sequences can be supplied as pools, individually arrayed fragments, or cloned into a custom vector and sequence-verified for accuracy. Expert consultation is available as the design and implementation of each project is led by PhD-level scientists. All in-process parts and final deliverables are archived in Neochromosome’s NYC facility, allowing for fast iterative sequence builds and further cost savings.

Synthesis of distant antibody variants that share sequence homology without introducing random linkage between CDRs
ML Rational Library
Synthesis of ML-predicted defined sequences that share sequence homology (e.g. mutations in enzyme active site and allosteric regulatory region)
Individually Arrayed Sequence Variants
Cost-effective synthesis of distinct gene sequences in an arrayed format


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