neoYeast™ enables high efficiency, site-specific incorporation of non-canonical amino acids into antibodies, enzymes and peptides enabling conjugation efficiencies inaccessible with standard methods. Our clickable ncAAs retain conjugation efficiency after freeze-thaw and 37˚C incubation meaning that we can produce ncAA-containing protein, store it at -80˚C and then thaw for conjugation. While most commercially available approaches struggle to reach 50% conjugation efficiency at R&D scale, ‘click’ ready proteins are conjugated high efficiency in aqueous solution.

neoYeast™ is built on Neo’s translation engineering tech-stack. We begin our engineering from a diverse set of synthetases and tRNAs to enable discovery of highly efficient orthogonal translation systems. Furthermore, we are engineering the yeast genome to enable high efficiency ncAA incorporation with clean codon reassignment based on Neo’s expertise in genome-scale cell engineering.

Discovery of diverse non-canonical amino acid proteins

Site-specific and highly efficient conjugation reactions in aqueous solution

High-efficiency incorporation of non-canonical amino acids

Orthogonal synthetase and tRNA

Scalable biomanufacturing of next-gen proteins

ncAA proteins made cellularly

Use-Cases for Proteins/Peptides Produced in neoYeast

Targeted LNP Discovery
Peptide or VHH targeted LNP
ADC, pegylated antibodies, multi-specific
ncAA stabilized, cyclic, conjugated
Pegylated, scaffolded and more active


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