While conventional gene synthesis providers treat each sequence as a separate synthesis event, Neochromosome takes a holistic approach, implementing part recycling to minimize costs and expedite library synthesis. Neochromosome offers precise, rapid, and budget-friendly DNA variant libraries. We build mutagenesis libraries with defined mutation ratios per location or a max number of deviations from a WT sequence to ensure that our partners are able to achieve their project goals. Neochromosome stores a replica of each library to enable rapid generation of sub libraries to generate additional diversity from top hits (Variant Mining). Expert consultation is available as the design and implementation of each project is led by PhD scientists. All in-process parts and final deliverables are archived in Neochromosome’s NYC facility, allowing for fast iterative sequence builds and further cost savings.

Customers have control over:

  • Mutational Position
  • The percentages of sequences which contain a particular variant
  • The max, min, or average number of mutations per sequence
WT Distance Limited
Variant libraries with a set of possible mutations, but no more than 4 mutations per sequence
Controlled Percentages
A library with 15% wildtype, 30% mutation A, 55% mutation B at one or multiple locations
Random mutational diversity


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