Whether part of a flexible workflow or as an ongoing service, Neo optimizes for rapid turnaround time and high data quality as part of our NGS Services. We work with a variety of starting materials and offer user-defined coverage of a target region or total number of sample reads.

Express (PE 150, PE 75)
1–2 Days
Long Formats (PE 300, PE 250)
3-5 Days
Special Formats (PE 100, PE 50)
2-5 Days
Whole Genome DNA Library Prep
On-bead DNA library prep provides reliable results for small (<20Mbp, e.g. yeast, bacteria) and large (>20Mbp, e.g. human, mouse) genomes
High Throughput DNA Library Prep
Our proprietary high-throughput workflow can efficiently processes thousands of samples per day and produce NGS libraries from small amounts of plasmid DNA, genomic DNA (<20Mbp genomes), PCR amplicons (>600bp), or RCA products
PCR-Free Library Prep
We produce NGS libraries from purified PCR products or restriction fragments without additional PCR amplification (*for fragments <600bp). UMIs available upon request.
Amplicon Library Prep
Starting from plasmid DNA or PCR amplicons, we produce indexed amplicon PCR libraries that preserve the maximum amount of diversity present in the input DNA
Poly-A+ RNA Library Prep
We produce stranded, poly-A enriched RNA libraries for NGS starting with total RNA, cells frozen in TRIzol, or snap frozen cell pellets
IVT Library Prep
Starting from in-vitro transcribed (IVT) RNA, we produce an NGS library with full coverage across the entire transcript


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