Sequence complexity and length can greatly impact the outcome of plasmid DNA scale-up. Work with Neo to develop customized processes for DNA scale-up, including optimized cell growth parameters and a variety of quality control tests. Ensure consistent delivery of high quality DNA materials that meet defined specifications.

Add-On QA/QC to Create a Flexible Workflow

Next-GenerationSequencing (Illumina)
  • Perform whole plasmid sequencing before DNA scale-up to identify sequence perfect winners to move forward into scale-up
  • Perform whole plasmid sequencing after DNA scale-up to evaluate population level sequence alterations
Sanger Sequencing
Interrogate regions of a plasmid sequence that are not amenable to NGS evaluation (e.g. polyA tracts, repetitive regions) before and/or after DNA scale-up
Tape Station
Precisely evaluate the integrity of plasmid DNA
Restriction Digestion/ Fragment Analysis
Evaluate plasmid integrity before or after scale-up via restriction enzyme digestion and check gel
Degree of Supercoiling
Determine the extent of plasmid supercoiling


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